Furniture Tips for New Mums

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Buying furniture for the babies is always fun and have deep biological strings attached to itself. The weird nesting instinct that kicks in the parents before the arrival of the new born is quite natural.  However, it is wise to find out essential nursery furniture one needs to buy out of the huge variety of furniture that is available in the market. These are some of the furnitures that ought to be bought by new mums.

Furniture Tips for New Mums

Baby Cots

Place where your baby shall spend most of the time in the first couple of years is the bed. Tis is the reason you must buy a good quality bed. These are the things that you should keep in mind while getting a cot for your baby

  • Make sure that there are no holes or gaps in the cot where the fingers of the baby might get trapped.
  • The bed must be spongy enough
  • The space between the bars should be less than 80mm as larger bars may trap babies head

Wool Nest Basket

 The nest basket is great alternative to the classic moses basket. It is most suitable for babies up to 8 months. The cozy base of bedtime is made possible by the softest wool that is used to make these beds by Mokee.  The nest is quite roomy and provides ample movement space to the babies. Moreover, it can easily be zipped to protect the baby from cold and noise.


A cradle is one of the most comfortable places for the newborn. The movable cradles can be kept close to you wherever you go in the house. With the changing times the traditional cradles have witnessed a lot of change altogether and are proliferated with new features. Vibrating cradles are the latest trend in the field. However, you should avoid cradles with rocky features as same may cause suffocation.

Rocking Chairs

The back and forth motion feature of the rocking chair is considered to be a great sleep inducer. The baby shall certainly enjoy lying on a comfortable rocking chair. The rocking chairs can be used till the babies attain an age of 5-6 years.  Make sure that the chair is comfortable and spongy and doesn’t have a wide gap and is not too high.


Prams are one the most essential baby furnitures that ought to be bought by new mums. A good quality pram can be used by multiple babies. The layback stroller is best suited for newborn babies as sit, sleep or simply lay down. Try to choose a decent sized pram that is easy to handle and easily transferable. Samuel Johnston provides some of the best prams that have the best size, wheels, straps and brakes. Make sure that your pram comes with a canopy and rain cover for wet weather.

These are some of the essential basic furniture requirements for the babies. Other furniture’s that can be bought include cribs, bassinets, changing tables and mattresses.

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