Tips To Beat The Heat And Keep Your Baby Cool This Summer

July 18, 2016 By bydiscou

Whether you are outside or indoors, summer is really a tricky season for your kids. As they are not strong enough, sun hits them hard as compared to us. You take your kid out in the sun and the kid gets sunburn, overdress him and his body may react with terrible rashes. Most of the kids silently suffer dehydration that too without much perspiring. So it becomes very much important to take care of the infants and kids this summer so as to avoid any trouble.


Better follow these simple yet effective tips this summer and keep your kid cool and healthy.

Get the right clothes

Whether you are indoors or outdoors doesn’t matter. Get lightweight clothes made from natural fabrics this summer. This will easily absorb the perspiration and they will stay dry. This will make sure that your baby is not feeling any irritation. You can easily save big with 2 for £12 offer on baby clothes right at Mothercare. Sounds great, right?

Let the place be airy

Your infant or the kid may easily feel uncomfortable and suffocating if the room is too hot or less airy. This is the reason why it is not advisable to leave the infant in a parked car. Kids tend to perspire less compared to adults and that leads to overheating of the body. So make sure you keep your kid in a cool place.

Get summer-friendly baby carrier

When you keep your baby in the carrier chances are more that the baby’s body may experience overheating. If you feel that the baby is uncomfortable, remove the kid from the carrier at the earliest. So better make sure to have carriers that are made from lightweight materials compared to the thick denims. If you have any plans to shop for such carriers, you can find good quality carriers at Mothercare.

Keep the kid hydrated

Don’t wait for the baby to perspire just to give him some fluids. They get dehydrated very quickly. No doubt your baby loses important fluids quickly in the hot weather. So, regular amount of water is needed to keep him hydrated. Make sure you baby has 50% more fluid intake compared to other months in summer.

Keep a track of outdoor activities

Make sure that your kid does not play out in the summer days during morning 10 am to evening 3 pm. This is the time that your child may suffer more from the heat. You can even control the outdoor activities by getting your kid some outdoor playing kits. Worried about the costs? Now make great savings on outdoor playing set just with Mothercare.

Get the shade

If you are taking your kid outdoors especially to a beach, make sure to find a shade for your baby. Get an umbrella or a tent or find a canopy on the beach. Again, you can get properly tested sunglasses for the kids so as to protect from the glare of the sun.

Apply sunscreen

If your baby is under 6 months, make sure to protect from direct sunlight. In case there is no way to avoid the sun, better apply a small portion of sunscreen. This will help to protect the delicate skin. If your baby is older than that, you can apply sunscreen lotion more frequently. This will make sure that your kid does not suffer any sunburn.

Heat rashes and red bumps on the skin are common during those days. So better apply skin soothers so as to relieve the discomfort caused to your child.

No doubt sunny days are the time for some enjoyment. If proper care is taken, your kids will also be able to enjoy those days without any discomfort.

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