Ways to Celebrate St. Georges Day!

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St. Georges Day is celebrated to commemorate the death anniversary of the patron saint of England and is celebrated on 23rd April. The occasion is of great joy and pomp for Brits across the globe. The celebrations are filled with enormous amount of feasting, dancing and national pride. One may often get confused with the numerous options of celebrations, but these are the ways that will make your celebrations a way better than others.

Observe the Custom of Holidays

The foremost way to initiate the celebrations is the hoisting of a large flag with a red cross in the middle and a white background. Flag is the most visible way of marking the celebrations and you may put them on your vehicles too. You may also use the flag on your button too. By doing so, you shall be able to feel a sense of national pride


Ways to Celebrate St. Georges Day

Spend time with your family in traditional attire

Wearing blue on this day has been a tradition since long. Blue was the favorite color of St. George and thus has been associated with the festival since long. You can also pin rose to your attire, as the flower is deeply associated with the death of the saint. You can buy a gift from interflora for your dear ones. These things shall convey your understanding of the festival to the people.

Party Hard

Dining and rejoicing have been the trademarks of the day since time immemorial. Make sure that you celebrate the day with a rich blend of English dishes. These could include mash, bread puddings, roasted lambs and bangers.  You should consider visiting a nearby pub along with your friends to strut your stuffs on the floor. What could be more fun than dancing wild with the friends all night? Don’t forget to try your hands on some of the English folk songs to closely impersonate the vibes of the day. You can also watch some of the plays of Shakespeare in the evenings, as the legendary dramatist is closely associated with the Saint as his birthday and the death of birth both coincide with that of the Saint George.

Take Part in Community events

There is numerous community events associated with the day and it is a matter of great fun to join them. You should keep an eye on the local news to find out about some of them in your neighborhood.  Numerous feasts are organized in Manchester and London. One of them is the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens St George’s Festival wherein you shall feast your eyes knights in armor, falconers, jesters, wandering minstrels and Punch and Judy shows.  You can also take part in parades and street festivals that go on throughout the night.

Although there is no fixed set of ways in which the day is to be celebrated, these steps shall certainly add value to your celebrations and you shall feel closer to the legacy of the Saint George.

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