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July 18, 2016 By bydiscou

Yes we know you have got your bottle of sunscreen lotion and yes of course, the waterproof mascara in your armoury. You need them because you have to combat the dust, dirt, salt water, chlorine as well as the sun this summer. Then again, you need to add some more products to get ready for a battle against these hot sunny days. They are going to help to keep you cool and get the golden glow this summer.


These top products that you are going to need are:

Perfect tanning cream

After spending a whole winter indoors, most of you must have turned blanched, right? Now get off the look this summer with the ELEMIS Total Glow Self – Tanning cream. All you have to do is to apply it at night and wake up with the perfect tanned glowing skin. The cream comes with the goodness of Macadamia Nut and Jojoba oils which lets you have the super soft skin. Tempting, right?

Hydrating cream

Something that is a must-have this summer is a hydrating cream that keeps your skin soft and supple. So why not try the By Terry Hyaluronic Summer which will keep your skin soft as well as hide any imperfections you have. Sounds great, right?

For the right glow

Once you have the perfect tan, the next thing you will love to have these summer days is to get the perfect glow. Just apply this cream on your brow, cheeks and on the nose and see the results. You will be stunned, for sure!

Self-tanning cream

The self-tanning cream from Lancome named as the Lancome Flash Bronzer Self-tanning face gel gets you the perfect tan look. Not over! It dries up fast and is a healthy option for your skin, which makes it the right cream to be applied under the base. So this is a must-have cream in your beauty armoury.

Body cream

Want to get the perfect glowing body? Apply the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Body Gloss on your body. Make sure to apply it on your shoulders, back of the legs, collarbones and centre of the arms. The cream improves the quality of the skin and makes it glowing forever.

For the bronzer look

If all you want is to beat others this summer and get an instant glow apply Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess powder on the body parts where the sun shows up directly. This will get you the perfect bronze look that you have always wished to have.

No doubt there is more number of beauty products out in the market. But shopping for all of them is going to put a hole in your wallet. Better stick to these best in class products and yeah, you can easily manage to get them at huge discount with extra 20% from Feel Unique. So the next time when you step out of your home this summer, have all these important beauty products in your beauty arsenal.

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